Mogok Sayadaw


Born on 27 December 1899 in Burma, Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala was a renowned Theravada Buddhist monk and Vipassana meditation master.

He enrolled as a novice monk at age 9 under Sayadaw U Jagara. In 1921, he was ordained as a bhikkhu with the dhamma name of Vimala. As his monkhood was sponsored by the residents of Mogok, a town well known for rubies and gems, Ven. Vimala became known as Mogok Sayadaw. In 1924, Ven. Vimala became the Chief Abbot of Pikara Monastery. He began to give sermons focusing on the Abhidhamma and to teaching Vipassana meditation.

The Mogok technique, developed and taught by Mogok Sayawdaw, elaborates on Buddha's teachings and emphasizes on the awareness of 'Arising' and 'Passing away' of everything, i.e., ( Impermanence or anicca) in body and mind. Sayadaw is known for his exposition of Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination), Samsara (endless rounds of rebirth) and the importance of practicing meditationVipassana. Millions of meditators Yogis world wide pursue Mogok Sayadaw's Insight Meditation technique.

Mogok Sayadaw passed away in October 1962. He was believed by many to have been an Arahant.
  Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw (in Texts):
  01 How To Die With A Smile
  02 Basic Paticca Samuppada
  03 The Doctrine Of Paticca Samuppada
  04 The Four Noble Truths
  05 CittaNupassana And VedanaNupassana
  06 Meditation On Mind And Feeling
  Pictures of Mogok Sayadaw