Pa Auk Sayadaw


Born in 1934 in the delta region about one hundred miles northwest of Yangon (Burma), the Venerable Acinna, commonly referred to as the Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw is the current abbot and principal teacher at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery.

In 1944, at age ten, he ordained as a novice monk at a monastery in his village. In 1954, at age twenty, the he Sayadaw received the higher ordination as a bhikkhu. In 1964, during his tenth vassa, he turned his attention to intensifying his meditation practice and began to practice forest dwelling.
For the next sixteen years, he made forest dwelling his primary practice. In 1981 the Sayadaw received a message from the abbot of Pa-Auk Forest Monastery, the Venerable Aggapa who was dying and asked the Venerable Acinna to look after his monastery. As the new abbot of the monastery, the Venerable Acinna became known as the Pa-Auk Sayadaw.

The Pa Auk Sayadaw speaks fluent English and has lectured and led retreats outside of Burma since 1997. In December of 2006, he travelled to Sri Lanka to undertake a long-term personal retreat, staying in seclusion and suspending his teaching schedule throughout 2007. In July of 2008, he guided a four-month retreat in the Forest Refuge in Barre, Massachusetts.
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